Responsive Website Design by Webmaster Support Services

Fair and Affordable Responsive Website Design and Support Pricing

I do not "template & abandon".  I custom create & support.  My mission is to help you GROW your business on the web.

My first year web services have a comparable market value of over $5700, however ...

For a period of time, a limited number of businesses are invited to sign up for a low one time start up fee of $500 and premium support services for just $99 per month.

You will get all the following services and even more ...

1. Custom Created Responsive Website

  • Your unique personality, content and message presented to your local GEO marketplace. 
  • Website code and design that is 100% responsive from mobiles to desktops.
  • Verified clean and compliant HTML code ... this is very important to your users experience and your search engines ranking. 

That's a $1500 to $4000 value!

2. Webmaster Level Design & Support

  • Monthly website monitoring, testing and reporting.             
  • Hosting with SSL, testing, monitoring and intervention when needed.
  • Updates, upgrades, code check clean ups and more! 

That's a $300 to $750 monthly value!

3. SEO Designed, Monitored & Reported

  • Google, BING/Yahoo compliant with sitemap submitted, monitored and managed directly inside their Webmaster Tools dashboards. 
  • Monthly SERP, Top 10 keywords, backlinks, competitor analysis reporting, monitoring, tweaking and more. 
  • There are over 100 areas that can affect your SEO that are reviewed, identified and addressed.

That's a $350 to $2000 monthly value!

4. Affordable Monthly Support

  • Up to 2 hours of customer support per month are included. 
  • Timely and efficient web designer managed content updating services included. 
  • Your questions, concerns, training, website statistics reviews and much more are included. 

That's a $100 to $300 monthly value!

5. No contracts! 

You pay month to month on a secure recurring credit card merchant services system, continuing monthly based on your customer satisfaction with the value of my services provided to you.

6. NEW!  Social Media Club  NEW!  

  • I will set up your Facebook business page and if desired your Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn pages too.
  • I will create and post one new 375px x 550px special advertisement image creative per week to your Facebook business page that can also post to all other business pages that are particpating in my Social Media Club shared posting program = expands your SM reach into many other friendly groups. Once your ads are created they can be set to re-post at other times too. The longer you are in the system, the more ads you will have available to re-post!
  • Includes social media tracking, reporting and more! 

That's a $100 to $500+ monthly value!

7. Today, you are invited to sign up for a low one time start up fee of $500 and premium support services for just $99 per month ... that's a comparable market value savings of over $2000 your first month.

You get all the above listed services and many more so don't delay and miss this offer, I do not know how much longer I can offer this special pricing, as I have a limited number of exclusive clients that I can serve. 

To take advantage of this incredible responsive website design and support promotional value please contact me for a FREE Comprehensive Responsive Website Design and Support Review to find out if my service is a good fit for you and your business too.

Responsive Web Design Special Offer.

With my "design & support" service you get all the following and much more!

  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • Mobile Friendly User Code Platform
  • Monthly Support Service Package
  • Updates and Content Changes
  • Section and Page Additions
  • Robust Website Analytics
  • Monitoring and Intervention
  • Technical Web Support
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Multiple Site Options
  • Platform Updates
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Feature Updates
  • Code Updates

And much, much more ... I support and work with 100's of technical elements of your website.

My pricing is fair and affordable.

Especially for leading edge custom responsive website design and support services, so you will not be wasting your time contacting me. I am normally just $50 per hour for custom RWD website design. I will cap the total "job done" at a time/cost level that finishes the site at a dollar amount that we both agree too. If the finish time comes in above the estimate then the agreed to amount is all that you would pay, if less time, then it would be adjusted down - in my opinion that is the only fair and professional way to bid a job.

See my special offer above for the best "build and support" deal on the web!

FREE Consultation and Site Review.

I will need to ask specific technical and design questions, then listen closely to what you want to accomplish with your new website, your objectives, your unique sections, pages, products or services that you offer, call to actions and more. I can then Professionally Confirm with more accurate details and information your next Mobile Friendly Responsive Website design "build and support" package ... please use the "Contact" button to arrange a phone conference at your convenience.

I make no apologies for being a “one man shop”.

That is exactly what my clients expect ... consistent personalized, prompt, professional design and support from a web tech support person that they have gotten to know and that they can count on, one who knows their needs and expectations and personally cares about them,, their website and their business. I normally support about 50 to 75 active clients with about 70 to 100 active websites in the design and support group. To assure that I can always promptly serve my clients daily needs while also handling the necessary website design trends, cyclical web software code upgrades and daily direct support requests I do limit the total volume of clients and supported websites. I normally have time to take on a new client or two, so please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to provide client portfolio reference links and answer any and all of your questions.

Mobile friendly responsive website design is here!

From June 2014 forward all new sites are being designed and supported on the mobile friendly "Bootstrap" responsive website platform. This design style creates fluid content rendering. For that reason it has become labeled “responsive” as it adjusts your website content into whatever size screen a person may be using on their web access device.

From desktops to small handhelds your content will fundamentally remain the same yet responsively and intelligently flow into the device view area. This is done through CSS 3, HTML 5, fluid bootstrap code, advanced media query features, along with the use of uniquely custom designed content sections, containers and rows. The end result is a very user and search engine friendly website.

Robust flexible start up and monthly support service.

My monthly "design & support" package includes your website design, hosting, up to one (1) hour per month support services ie updates, content additions, changes and support, technical and hosting support, webmaster services, Analytics, reporting and much more. With my standard responsive website support services package you can start up at the page level that is best for your site now then easily grow your site content by adding more pages over time.

Very affordable start up, design and ongoing monthly support service costs.

Start up service requires a minimum 12 month support purchase agreement. All start up website design amounts quoted are due with your confirmed order to begin the design project, then your $99 recurring monthly support payments will begin the following month on a 12 month purchase agreement by secure auto recurring merchant credit card payment services.

My $99 monthly support service is comprehensive and yet most likely costs only about as much as you are paying for just your personal internet access ... but, you get "as needed" ongoing monthly support, updates, software upgrades, content changes, statistics & SEO reporting, technical intervention, phone support ( for your questions & training needs ) and much more - ** up to 2 hours per month included ... compare that value!  I truly believe my service is one of the best business website values on the web today!


My unique mobile friendly responsive website "build and support" program.

Designed to help you get a solid foundational user and search engine friendly, mobile friendly, responsive website up fast and affordable. If you have your content ready and available I normally can build and go live in 30 days or less. Your web site hosting is included along with your business domain name admin setup, email forwarding admin setup, hosting management, industry specific web forms, critical monthly content changes, onsite marketing design assistance for special offers and coupons, newsletter sign-up forms, web page additions, webmaster level SE submissions, optimization reviews, monitoring, tweaking, reporting along with website statistics tracking and reports.

This provides you with very LOW entry website design or re-design start-up costs while also providing you with ...

  • Responsive HTML user and SE friendly "build and support" custom mobile friendly responsive website program.
  • Monthly ongoing support services that you will need to develop and maintain your site into a web resource asset.
  • Quarterly reporting, admin - WebStats review, site development tips and insights, web products and features updates / upgrades that are critical for your websites continual and future success due to the constantly growing and changing internet / web environment.
  • Ongoing mobile friendly, responsive website products and services, onsite promotion features and technical support services.
  • Linux Shared Re-seller Hosting with very affordable discount pricing for domain names, additional web products, upgrades and more!

Additional Products and Services

* Domain names, some hosting, dedicated SSL Certs, database entry and management, fee based shop cart programs, special scripts and software, graphic artist design work, content writing, editing and manual keyboard entry are not included but can be identified, quoted and purchased separately as needed.

Additional Hours Above Packaged Time

** any additional hours work per month you require over the standard package monthly support time included is billed at special reduced rates of $50 per hour for actual minutes used. Emergency rush work demands are billed at $75 per hour with a one hour minimum.

Multi-Site RWD Build and Support Package

Current Client and New Client Multi-Site Build and Support Package Offer

Do you have or need multiple business web sites? Do you feel creative and want to try to develop another biz on the web? This package is just for YOU!

As my web business and customer base matured I found that I attract and keep web savvy clients who often want to develop more than just one website business venture. I have clients with 8 or more websites that I've built and continued to support for many years now. Listening to their needs and how to provide them with professional affordable website support we worked together and came up with this multi-site support package that I began offering in the fall of 2012 to all my clients who may want to take advantage of it.

Here is how it works ...

I will build additional mobile friendly, RWD web sites ( beyond your first one with my service ) for either my discounted support package hourly rate of $50 per hour for the actual time it takes to build the new site idea ( cost example: 10 hours x $50 hour = $500.00 ) and cap the project at a total agreed to amount and time. This will help you affordably budget your design costs for the new website project!

After the site is built I will post it to my shared Linux server hosting account or yours if you prefer ( your Linux hosting package must allow multiple sites ) typically with either my GoDaddy Re-seller Services or your own GoDaddy account. I then manage your multiple sites for you from that account. This will help you affordably budget your hosting costs for the new website!

I will include the multi-sites I build for you into my standard $99 per month support package rate, for plus $10 per multi-site ( this helps cover the costs of website hosting, RWD subscription fees, software apps, etc) – under my Multi-Site Support Package – which includes up to (2) two hours per month total support time, that can be used on any/all of the sites in your multi-site package.

Additional time over the hour per month you may need is handled in the same manner as the standard support agreement terms, ie actual minutes used billed at my current discounted rate of $50 per hour. This will help you affordably budget for on-going monthly multi-site web support.

This too is pretty much of a “no-brainer” of a deal! So if this program fits a need in your web business development plans be sure to contact me direct and I will be happy to review your objectives, answer any questions you may have and help get this multi-site package offer set up for you too!