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Responsive Website Offsite Marketing

On the national level

Almost all national level offsite marketing options are limited time window of opportunities to take advantage of. I form conservative, ethical strategy to adapt and utilize them. I recommend that you "test" participate and then review their merit and value on an ongoing basis. I get real life feed back and some good stats from my established client base.

I watch the trends measuring the benefits to the possible liabilities before I recommend them to my clients. I then assist you to get the most out of these opportunities as possible while continuing to keep your foundational website in the center of the activity and growth as that is still your best long term business strategy.

On the national level - Offsite  Marketing

Click Customer Support to find more info and links to the following "offsite" marketing resources.

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Search Engine Local Business Listings

  • Google - Places, Maps, Webmaster Tools, Google+.
  • Bing - Places for Business Listing, Webmaster Tools.
  • Yahoo - ( Bing and YEXT handle their resources now ).

General Search Returns and Business Listings

  • Search Engine Submissions (top 3).
  • Alternate Directory & Search Engine Submissions.
  • ie YELP, Yodle, Angie's List, Web Yellow Page Listings and many, many more.

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