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* Uploading files note: You can send standard photo, graphics, text and pdf files here. ( please convert all doc, pub, and unusual type files to plain text or pdf text format then send ).

* When sending large files please be patient. Do not click the Send Content button several times as depending on your internet connection ISP upload speed it may take a while. When upload is completed successfully you will get a thank you screen.

Special Note: This forms intention is to give you a structure to send in your content changes with a "no hassle" - "get it done quickly ... first time, every time correctly" - professional process. However, please feel free to be practical about this too. If you have a lot of files to send for one page or section or other content that will not attach or send well on a web form and makes better sense to use standard email you can email those to me directly. Just be sure to include clear instructions on what you want done, where to put that content on your site, and label and identify the files so I know how and where to work with them.

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