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Monthly Customer Support Section

This is the page section for information, links and resources for my responsive website design monthly support customers.

Fall 2015 / Winter 2016 / Spring 2017

RWD Website Rebuilds: I will be once again completely rebuilding all supported sites with and into the latest greatest "bootstap" RWD code. I have researched, tested and developed the latest and best upgraded code editor into my CMS support system. I am excited about the upgraded "new and improved" webmaster level RWD editor tools and controls I will now have to support your websites. Rebuilding your website from a blank page takes from 15 to 40+ hours work per site so I am expecting this admin project to take 4 to 6 months to complete. Since this is a webmaster level admin code tools upgrade there will be no addtional costs or charges for active monthly support service customers.  Note: If you have been thinking about adding and changes pages, content or even a new "site wrapper look" with your site now is a great time to send that in!

Google Places: With the new local search returns that google has rolled out moving all things more to "pay to play" visual emphasis, and the mobile device markets ... it is important you be sure your business is correctly listed and shown in google places / maps, etc ... I will be reviewing and tweaking the admin of these for you this quarter. It takes some time to do each business / site so I am expecting this project to take 4 or 5 months to complete. I will contact you if I need addtional information to complete this project for you.

Send in the Top Three Keyword Combo's you want to target and track over the next 12 months here!

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Website Support Tech Speak

Simple Interpretations of acronyms and words used on this site
  • SE = Search Engine
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization ie SE's crawl and index your site better.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing ie using either the “organic” FREE or paid advertising options
  • PPC = pay per click advertising 
  • SERP = Search Engine Return Position = what page and line # you are on.
  • organic returns = free search engine returns based on your trust, authority, SEO and quality content.
  • crawl = when a SE robot visits your site to find and index your information.
  • index = when a SE crawls your site it store
  • white hat = ethical SEO and compliant to SE guidelines vs "black hat”
  • black hat = unethical, deceptive, tricky SEO not compliant to SE guidelines.
  • webmaster = handles the technical, setup, support, management stuff.
  • website designer = generally just handles the design and look of the site.
  • graphic artist = digital "artists" who create logos, color & image branding.
  • domain name = this is the url typed in the web bowser ie "".
  • shared hosting server = this is the computer where your site exists, with many others, on the world wide web.
  • shopping cart = web based program with "check out" purchase features.